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Bubble Shooter

Solo Project

Wave based survival FPS where the only way to move is to jump from bubble to space


Development Progression

"Bubble Shooter" started as a class assignment back in the Fall of 2016. The assignment was to teach us about programming a First Person Camera in the Unity Game Engine, and  some other basic functionality. We were tasked with creating some kind of small game prototype using a First Person Camera. So, over the course of a week, I created the prototype that started Bubble Shooter.

I decided I wanted to continue working on the concept, and used it as a starting point for my Advanced Seminar in Game Design class that I attended in Montreal. At this point I changed the art style to be Voxel art, added power-ups that would spawn inside of bubbles, sound effects, and other visual additions.

By the end of the Spring of 2017 I had added different types of enemies, an energy system that would be used for player abilities, randomly generated level-up bonuses, and a more balanced progression system behind the scenes. At this point the future and direction of the project became unclear. I had ideas of making the game into a Rogue-Like, a Quest based Shooter, a Strategy game, and much more. Once I hit this milestone I knew it was time to sit down and decide on a more realistic direction for the project.

I then spent Summer of 2017 breathing new life into the game. I shifted the art style from voxels to simple low poly models, I split the progression of the game into Sectors (witch each Sector having a specific number of waves), added new weapons for the player to purchase in the shop, and a variety of new enemies. Now I am continuing progress on the game from here. My future plans are to add at least one boss enemy, additional weapons, and some new environments!

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