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Skator Gator 3D

Level & Systems Designer, Engineer

Upcoming Release

3D Platformer sequel to Skator Gator, with unique grinding sequences and gameplay. Collect trash and clean up the swamps!


Headmaster DLC

Level Designer, Community Manager

Shipped Title - Steam, Oculus, PSVR

Head virtual soccer balls (and other things) with your actual head, combining intuitive physics gameplay with a darkly comedic world.


Rerolling Knights

Designer, UI Engineer

Shipped Title - Web, Google Play

2D Auto Battler, with gameplay inspired by Super Auto Pets.  Purchase, position, and evolve your units to create an unstoppable army.


Skator Gator

UI Engineer, Polish, QA Testing

Shipped Title - Steam

Skate across oil pipelines towards the city to advocate for change and cause some mayhem along the way.

Major Projects
Itch Games

Non-Game Contracts


Curriculum Associates

Front End Engineer

Unity 3D, Web GL

Worked with a team of developers and education designers to create math learning activities for students across the country.


One Medical VR

UI Designer & Engineer

Unity 3D, Oculus Quest

Designed and implemented VR interfaces in Unity to create a medical training tool for teaching doctors how to work with patients. 


OVR Technologies

Level Designer & Engineer

Unity 3D, Oculus Quest

Created three virtual "vignette" levels meant for showcasing client's technology. Worked with client's API's and tools for implementation. 

Non-Game Contracts

Other Small Projects



UI/UX Designer

Educational mobile game that teaches equality and anti-bullying

Early Access on Google Play Store


Duel Dice

UI Designer - Community Manager

Online, demon themed strategy game with perma-death

Released on Google Play Store



Lead Programmer - Designer

VR Sandwich making game where the audience throws ingredients

Game Theory VR Game Jam Winner

Misc. Small Projects
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