Level Designer / Community Manager

Shipped Title - PS VR / PC
Head virtual soccer balls (and other things) with your actual head, combining intuitive physics gameplay with a darkly comedic world.

Skator Gator

Game Programmer

Shipped Title - PC

Skate across oil pipelines towards the city to advocate for change and cause some mayhem along the way.

Breakout Brew

Lead Designer - Producer

Student Project

Multiplayer, 3D Platformer where players must collect potion ingredients in order to brew an escape potion.


Itch Games

Other Small Projects


UI/UX Designer

Educational mobile game that teaches equality and anti-bullying

Early Access on Google Play Store

Duel Dice

UI Designer - Community Manager

Online, demon themed strategy game with perma-death

Released on Google Play Store


Lead Programmer - Designer

VR Sandwich making game where the audience throws ingredients

Game Theory VR Game Jam Winner

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