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Level Design Work

Below are a few examples of levels I worked on for various projects! Not every level I worked on is covered, but I chose a few from each game that I wanted to highlight some key design moments of. If you have any additional questions don't be afraid to reach out to me!

Levels - SG3D
SG3D Banner.png

Level 1  - "Get That Deed Back!"

Tutorial, teaching the player basic gameplay metrics and mechanics.

The first level of Skator Gator 3D is designed to introduce the primary mechanics of the game to new players, as is the case with most introduction levels. The level starts with a grinding section to familiarize the player with the game's unique grinding mechanics, teaching them to switch lanes, jump, and dash to navigate the pipelines. The remainder of the level is setup to teach the player metrics while walking, such as jump height, jump distance, dash speed / distance, and the fact that there's no fall damage as demonstrated with the end of the level. 

Learning Through Actions

For the tutorial in Skator Gator 3D, we start by teaching the player the unique mechanics of grinding. To teach these controls, we popup small tutorials to the side of the screen that slow down the game so that the player can read them.


These tutorials can be progressed by pressing continue, OR the player can do the action being described in the tutorial, giving the opportunity to keep playing without breaking the flow.

Guiding the Player's Path

When the player begins walking for the first time, after seeing the movement and camera control tutorials, they will be guided down into the level by a trail of collectables. 

These collectables offer a path for the player to follow that will get them used to the movement, jump heights, and enemy movement / damage. There are even two key collectables that require the player to turn the camera to find and collect.

Level 1 - Section 1.png

Testing Jump Distances

Once the player has gotten used to basic movement and camera controls, they are presented with a small area of logs with collectables on them. This area is designed to help the player get even more comfortable with jump heights and jump distances without much punishment, as there is only solid ground below them with no enemies to be afraid of. To get the final key collectable at the top, the player will have to use their max jump distances as well as the dashing mechanic. 

Levels - Headmaster
Headmaster Banner.png

Forklift Fiasco

Sequencing events and giving the player a cascading set of goals.

Forklift Fiasco is the first DLC level for Headmaster: The Lost Lessons. With being the first level, I decided to not introduce any brand new mechanics to the player, but instead focused on using tools and gameplay elements that the player would already be familiar with having played the base game. This level is all about sequencing, and rewarding the player for hitting successful shots by slowly revealing more and more opportunities for points. At first the player may not see how they could possibly get enough points to 3-Star the level, but as they play the cascading multipliers using Golden Balls will reveal themselves and offer a way for the player to rack up a high score. 

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